We see a person before we see an illness. We believe that building relationships with our patients starts from the first encounter. We listen with open minds and hearts to help our patients regain stability and return to the things they enjoy.

Mental Health News

The bully in your head (St. Paul's Hospital)

Today, Amy Pezzente can see all the red flags that emerged in her youth for what they were.

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Opinion: The greatest gift for a person with mental illness: Time for recovery and transition

This is a time of year when we celebrate the good things in our lives and reflect on what makes them possible. At Coast Mental Health, we have much to be grateful for as we continue to extend support and services to the 4,000-plus clients we serve who are recovering from mental illness. These clients include a handful of youth who have been part of our first year of operations at Renfrew House, a six-bed community home in a quiet Vancouver neighbourhood.

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New Riverview plans don't meet B.C.'s mental health needs, say UBC researchers

Mental health experts say the B.C. government's plans to turn the former site of the Riverview psychiatric hospital into a mixed-use development with new mental health facilities is a small step in the right direction, but one that doesn't come close to meeting the growing need for mental health services.


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B.C.’s Renfrew House helping youth shift from government care into adulthood (Inner City Youth Mental Health Program)

At 20, Jordan Williams has his own room in a comfortable house, a housekeeping schedule that involves him in making meals, and social workers to give him the support he needs to finish his Grade 12.

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Light Therapy Might Work for Non-Seasonal Depression Too

Bright light therapy has often been used for people with seasonal affective disorder (SAD)—but a new studyshows that people whose depression symptoms are not seasonal may also benefit.

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Colin Easton meets a stranger a day to help with depression

When Colin Easton was diagnosed with depression, he found himself isolating himself from family and friends.

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St. Paul’s Hospital: Looking to the future

It’s not just a plan to build a new St. Paul’s Hospital but a plan to build a better hospital. For the thousands of patients who show up in the hospital’s emergency room every year, the change is going to be profound.

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'Hope and resilience': Photo campaign highlights men’s depression

More than 840,000 Canadian men are affected by depression each year – and one Vancouver-based campaign is using images to raise awareness and help men improve their lives.

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